The Embodiment ProcessTM Sessions

Living Present to Your Divine Nature

My healing work is designed to facilitate your moving from a constricted place of judgment and self-criticism to an open ocean of self-love and compassion.

In my Embodiment ProcessTM sessions, I work with you to cultivate and strengthen the “spiritual adult” perspective.

This is a natural place within where you may observe your life neutrally, without judgment.

It starts with the premise that Spirit organizes itself through intention.

What is invisible becomes visible, just as we as beings were at some point pure intention, or pure consciousness, without a body.

Buddha StatueAs this intention builds potency and an energy field begins to organize itself around this intention, we begin to manifest into the visible, physical reality.  This occurs in the field of the womb, at the moment of conception.

This intelligent force organizes itself at first around the energetic midline, which is a potent, fluid space that will eventually become your spine. This is your first manifestation and your  physical, visceral connection to Divine Intelligence.


Dreams, Shadow & Depth Consciousness Work: The Sources of Freedom

Part of the Embodiment ProcessTM involves exploring one’s shadow, an important piece on the path of personal awakening. Shadow, a term coined by Carl Jung, is what lies in the unconscious or in your “blind spots.”

dreams-shadowsShadow material often has its source in judgment and pain, and needs facilitation to be recognized. These areas are typically sources of judgment and pain, and often need facilitation to recognize.

As you receive support through the Embodiment ProcessTM, you’ll start seeing more clearly and resourcing yourself from a place of wholeness. From here, a new sense of harmony and peace arises within you.

When you differentiate from the patterns of the past and reside more fully in the present, you’ll experience the healing and soul freedom your heart desires. Accessing healthy resources instead of repeating old survival patterns allows you to live a fuller, more integrated life.


Birthing New Awareness

Through the process of Embodiment ProcessTM Counseling, we’ll work together to explore these origins and bring healthy mirroring, compassion and intelligence to these organizing fields.

We’ll explore trauma zones and imprints that occurred from ages 0-3 years and onwards, along with your connection to your family of origin, your mother and fathers, and your primary care-givers.

The imprints that occur at the earliest stages of development can profoundly impact your bonding to your primary care-givers.

They can also impact the perception of safety and trust you have in your body, your family and in the world around you.

Early trauma can lead to nervous system dis-regulation, anxiety, depression, chronic pain.  You may also have difficulty with intimacy or healthy boundaries in relationship within yourself or with others.

A host of other coping mechanisms can keep you dissociated from your body.  As a result, you will likely feel out of touch with your life purpose, and be lacking a sense of health and joy.

birthing new awarenessThrough the process of Embodiment Counseling, you’ll learn to establish a strong sense of your inner resources along with a felt-sense of the organizing midline of your Intentional being.

You’ll discover how to develop resources in the Present, from which you’ll strengthen the functional range of your nervous system. Accessing healthy resources instead of repeating old survival patterns allows you to live a fuller, more integrated life.


A Lightness of Being Emerges

Embodiment ProcessTM Counseling has its roots in the Embryological phases of life, which are part of the re-educating process, so that you become more open to the Truth of your being.

We’ll address issues of trust and safety by doing repair work in the early phases of bonding and attachment.  The goal is for you to have a newfound sense of freedom and trust in your own being.

Through a series of sessions, my clients begin to feel more centered, calmer, and balanced in thought, emotions and body.

light1There is a deepening self-awareness and a renewed sense of wonderment and self-confidence.

As you learn the tools for embodying and start practicing them, the inherent wisdom of your life force along with the collective wisdom of the divine emerges from within your being.  Your self-perception will begin to transform.

Experiences of joy, freedom and a lightness of being will emerge.  Your life purpose not only becomes clear and accessible, it becomes a path of daily living.



If you have questions about The Embodiment ProcessTMor would like to book a session, click here.


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