Embodiment ProcessTM Programs

For one on one sessions as well as group sessions, I utilize a myriad of tools for understanding and meeting your Soul on your journey. My intention is to discover your deepest purpose and passions for life, love and service.  I help facilitate your awakening and unfolding, to embody your Divine Presence.  I support you to discharge held thought forms and patterns, incomplete emotions so that your entire being reflects the resiliency of your deepest empowered, authentic Self.  You will experience a deepening sense of safety, trust, and attunement with yourself, with others, and the Universe.  Patterns that once ran your life are no longer blocking your fluid intelligence and creativity.  Health challenges can be transformed and illuminated as quickening of your consciousness.

The intention of the Embodiment Process Programs and Prescriptions is to support the foundation and container for your process of embodied transformation. I give clients a customized embodiment prescription and program to work with and support you after a session. This curriculum may be used for 2-4 weeks with slightly nuanced variations added. Some programs might last several months. They are designed to facilitate and meet you along your journey of Embodied Transformation while developing independence, self-confidence, and self-reliance, attunement, and Trust. Everything below avails itself to you clearing blocks, attuning to your Soul, raising your vibration, movement and deepening…more Light, more Love, Joy, Liberation, Creativity, and Inner Peace. You’ll experience acceptance and embracing the unknown, curiosity and a deep dance with the Mystery.

Upon completion of each session with Angelica, you will be sent a PDF containing your own personal program based on your session.

Intention you are working with:

(these are felt-sense, attuned, connected, words matter – they are vibration, make sure each word resonates as a deep Truth for you)


(Again vibrational words that support your consciousness and muscle building of your awareness and perception in your growth. These will align with intention, i.e. self-determination, courage, patience, self-compassion)


(Positive statements that vibrate in your consciousness a place of Peace, Stillness and Trust)

Embodiment Practices:

(Self-regulation tools, meditation, yoga, chakra chanting, energy movement practices)

Other Practices (Ritual):

(Clearing energy practices, meditation, rituals, dream dialogues, sacred texts)

Crystal Prescriptions:

(Working with these as medicine as remedies for blocks, raising vibrations)

Flower Essences:

(Help with your electrical system and subtle bodies for you and your pets)

Other Therapies & Resources:

Nutrition, Supplement Suggestions:

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