Andrea Kristen Pack – Life Empowerment Coach

"Working with Angelica completely changed my life. She is able to connect with the depths of your soul and lead you home to your Whole Self. Her God given gifts and ability to hold space for you are magically and deeply transformative and healing. I've never met...

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Bruce K. – Screenwriter

I've been to Angelica several times over the last few months. I was scheduled for a hip operation in February, something I wasn't looking forward to. Ever since my youth I have been terrified of hospitals, doctors and operations.  And luckily for me, I have spent most...

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Lawrence K. – Entrepreneur

“I’ve been on a healing journey for 30+ years and during that time I’ve worked with numerous practitioners, coaches and healers.  Angelica helped me touch deep into the perinatal state and reconnect with myself in a way that very few can. With her tender care and...

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NK – Designer

"Angelica's Embodiment Counseling Sessions have helped me cope with heightened anxiety and depression over the past three years. Her energy work has helped me tremendously in clearing past life blockages and cords that no longer serve me in this lifetime. Her...

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Adam F. – owner Advanced Athletics

"Anytime that I've needed counseling to improve my relationship with myself and my significant other, Angelica is the one that I trust the most to guide the process.  Her intuitive, straight forward, and compassionate sessions helped tremendously to put me and my...

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M. Town – Designer

"I have been working with Angelica for many years. There are so many ways in which our work has truly transformed my life, I know that my life would have been very different if I had not had the complete and utter blessing of having been introduced to her. One way I...

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Eva Stattine L.Ac

"Angelica's piercing insight and enlightened guidance has unquestioningly helped me achieve a more solid sense of myself and a more clear understanding of the terrain of my life.  I am deeply grateful."

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Cassie – Designer

"Angelica is quite possibly one of the most honest souls I know. I first came to Angelica seeking help with extreme physical pain. After seeing various doctors and healers for about a year with no diagnosis or relief, I was desperate. Within just a few sessions with...

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Claudia H.

"I began to work with Angelica after a series of personal losses and a car accident. From the beginning of our first session her insight was invaluable. Not only did she give me guidance in interpersonal relationships, and introduce me to my guardian angels, she was...

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Trish V. – Nutritionist & Yoga Teacher

"After many years of being on the path of self-discovery, I was amazed at the shift that took place while working in a group setting with Angelica.  Her ability to create a space that supports the entire group while facilitating individuals was extremely impressive....

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Suzanne R. – Clothing Designer

"During the time I have been in Angelica's workshop, my life has taken a dramatic turn. I truly believe that the skills I have learned in from Angelica have directly impacted my ability to cope with and understand my current situation from all angles. Angelica creates...

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Jacki K. – Screenwriter

  "Angelica has transformed me by guiding me gracefully towards my TRUTH about my life. She has taught me the ability to frame my life in a way that I am able to move forward with clarity towards a life where there is happiness and success. These tools I have learned...

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Dr. Rebecca Crandall M.D. & Psychiatrist

"As a Western-trained psychiatrist, I had no previous exposure to Craniosacral Therapy until I met Angelica.  She inducted me into this intimate and intense experience with safety and love.  During my work with her, I was able to reach depths of relaxation that I had...

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Jenny W. – Playward.com

"Angelica's services are nothing but extraordinary. In just one session, I have noticed significant changes in my overall being and have learned fundamental tools in approaching, healing and navigating my PTSD.  She is meant to be doing this work in the world, and is...

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"I've been working with Angelica for 14 years. Her presence, intelligence, grounded wisdom, and refined intuition has been a guiding light I'm fortunate enough to depend on as a resource through many transitions and transformations. Working in the entertainment...

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E. Anders, Phd, Psychology, Manhattan Beach, CA

"I have been treating clients as a licensed clinical psychologist for decades. I have enormous respect for Angelica as a professional. She is an intuitive therapist and a brilliant educator. She has integrated her extensive study of both eastern philosophies and...

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