Speaking Engagements

I specialize in working with both individuals and groups in a process I call, “embodied transformation.” Essentially, this is a whole-person approach that supports mindful relationships and the healing of body, mind and soul.

My knowledge and wisdom comes from having worked as a consultant, educator, presenter and facilitator for the past 15 years.  I am trained in multiple healing modalities and therapeutic approaches, and I bring a keen sensitivity of physical and energetic dimensions to my work.

Along the way I’ve developed a proprietary set of tools of self-regulation, presence and mindfulness. These tools are designed to support and teach people to be with themselves and in relationship with others in an embodied, empowered way.

As a speaker, I’m able to share both the essence of my work as well as practical ideas for personal and professional fulfillment.  The core of my talks centers around a new paradigm of Health, which I consider to be the foundation for both personal and business well-being and growth. This means balancing the masculine and feminine energies personally and collectively as part of a mindful path of relationship to self, to others and collectively. We can transform, sustain and thrive this way on this planet, and return to the Grace of human and Divine Intelligence.

I offer a wide range of topics around this core theme which include:

  • Wellness Strategies In The Workplace
  • Soul-Centered Work Space Design
  • The New Paradigm of Health for The 21st Century
  • The Importance of Self-regulation At Home and At Work
  • The Neuroscience of Trauma and The Healing Process
  • The Embodiment of Consciousness
  • How To Cultivate Sustainable Relationships

Programs vary from 1-2 hours talks all the way up to 2-day seminars. If your company has specific needs, I can custom-tailor a program that’s perfect for whatever you might have in mind.


To inquire about my speaking schedule and to discuss the opportunities available, click here.


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