All of the crystals sold here are hand chosen by me and while this is time-consuming, I know the value of having the right vibration for working with one’s own energy bodies, ensuring you have a mutually beneficial relationship with your crystals.

There are many many books on crystals, all of which can vary greatly in their descriptions of the healing properties of stones. In my experience, crystals are not unlike animals and plants. Crystals are highly intelligent and unique in their individual natures. When they are met by a perceptive individual, they too can offer their most vibrant selves to whom and what they are in service. Holding a crystal and simply listening–seeing and hearing them, can reveal the nuances of their abilities and how they too have come to serve.

With each crystal purchase, you’ll also receive instructions on how to care for and clean your crystals. I’ll also provide specific insights into programming and qualities that the larger crystals carry in the descriptions on the web site.

Looking for a specific crystal that you don’t see here? Email and we’ll add it to our inventory.

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