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APRIL 1-7, 2017

APRIL 1-7, 2017

A Creativity Retreat with Angelica Singh

A Creativity Retreat with Angelica Singh

Hosted by Michelle Lee

On this extraordinary retreat, we will embark on a journey of exploration of what is most meaningful to us. The numinous is that which is sacred to us and fills us with an other-worldliness, bringing meaning and inspiration to our lives. Through the course of the week, we’ll settle into a deeper relationship with our senses and our surroundings. Our exploration will include going inward and connecting with our own presence and our new surroundings, as well as what moves and inspires us. There will be time for intention setting, a deeper discovery of our inner creative process, and opening to the way creative expression flows through us when we open to our natural gifting and connection to Source. Guided meditations, discussions, writing exercises and other creative processes will all be a part of our deepening.

What better place than Morocco to expand and heighten our imaginations. This is a wonderful opportunity to interact with Morocco’s culture and people; a country rich with history, inspiration, and the texture.

Peacock Pavilions

Peacock Pavilions is Marrakech’s hand built, artisanal, Give-Back boutique hotel.  It’s nestled in an old olive grove with a breathtaking view of the Atlas Mountains on an 8.5 acre private estate on the outskirts of the city of Marrakesh. The property is truly gorgeous and one of a kind, decorated in Moroccan tribal chic style and featuring 3 pavilions, an outdoor yoga studio, a swimming pool, an outdoor cinema, rooftop terraces and much more.  The property has been used for high fashion photo shoots, special celebrations, and all kinds of creative retreats.  The setting is truly spectacular to have a once in a lifetime experience in Morocco.  Surrounded by hundreds of rose bushes, olive trees, the serenity of the desert and with the backdrop of the snow-capped Atlas Mountains, we are confident you will melt into relaxation and find yourself inspired at every turn.


Peacock Pavilion CuisineThe food served will mostly be Moroccan food with many choices for people with special diets.  The menus at Peacock Pavilions will be featuring farm-to-table, made from scratch, authentic Moroccan cuisine with a twist.  We will be served a delicious breakfast every morning outside in an arcaded terrace by the pool.  The fruits of Morocco are truly delicious including their famous orange juice, figs, dates, and much more.  Whether having breakfast or dinner at the hotel, all meals will be prepared with local, fresh ingredients, some from their own gardens.  One evening we will be dining in an Arabian dining tent seated on cushions in traditional Moroccan style.

We will also be having lunch on our Atlas Mountain excursion at Richard Branson’s outstanding luxury hotel, Kasbah Tamadot, before heading to visit the Berber village.  Additionally, we will have 2 nights out to dinner in the city, which will prove to be no less impressive.  One restaurant is entirely owned by Moroccan women and considered to be one of the very best restaurants in Marrakesh.  The other restaurant is a fun, more modern take on Moroccan food and feel.  Both we know you will love!



We’ve concocted a week of creative fun, relaxation, and adventure that offers a complete and authentic Moroccan experience!

The week starts with a day in the medina, the center of Marrakesh, where all the action takes place in the souks.  We’ll have a private shopping tour of some very chic boutiques and get to feel the electricity of the city as well as the orderly flow to the chaos.  An inspirational day indeed with sights, smells, and energy that will pull you in all directions.  A restful and peaceful dinner at the hotel will be a nice compliment to this afternoon.

The following day, after a perfect morning of yoga, a scrumptious breakfast and a powerful workshop, we head out to the Atlas mountains where we will spend the afternoon exploring a village of the original Moroccan mountain people, the Berbers.  We will have lunch at Richard Branson’s luxury resort in the mountains as well with breathtaking views of the mountains and desert below.  Upon returning to Peacock Pavilions, we have a restful and delightful evening planned of dinner followed by watching a movie in the outdoor cinema with a bonfire, popcorn and hot chocolate.

Another day we have a luxurious and nurturing day planned at the famous La Mamounia spa where we will have an afternoon of experiencing the traditional Moroccan spa.  Whether you choose hammam or massage, you will leave feeling uplifted and rejuvenated.  We’ll lounge around the gorgeous indoor and outdoor pools and have lunch there as well.

After the spa we head back to Peacock Pavilions for a cocktail and henna party by the pool followed by a wonderful dinner.

You will also have 2 free days to spend as you wish, either lounging by the gorgeous pool and relaxing or going into the medina once again for more shopping, sightseeing, and museums.


We will be offering a daily yoga class in the mornings before breakfast in an open air tented studio complete with mats and yoga blocks.  It will be a perfect way to create presence and good energy to start each day!

Angelica Singh facilitates groups in embodied consciousness. She brings a deep understanding that one can expand one’s consciousness through travel and participating with others and their culture. She facilitates groups and individuals regularly in Embodied Transformation in Los Angeles and internationally.

As a Mind-Body Educator, I provide individuals with tools for self-regulation, presence and mindfulness. These tools have been developed to support and teach people to be with themselves and in relationship with others in an embodied, empowered way.

I offer an integrated mind/body approach that embraces the neuroscience of trauma resolution along with the “Art of Presence” that is necessary for healing. Recognizing the depth and brilliance of each one’s Mind-Body Being as an expression of Divine Intelligence, my intention is to support the creative unfoldment and conscious evolution of each person, and of our collective journey as well.

We designed this retreat to inspire the soul and to stimulate all the senses, which is why we chose the mysterious and magical land of Morocco, Africa. This retreat offers you the unique experience of witnessing Africa’s grandiose natural beauty while immersing yourself in a culture rich in design, history, and diversity.The snow-capped Atlas Mountains and the palm tree scattered desert of Marrakesh emits a serene, yet powerful energy that will help you tap into your inner wisdom. Marrakesh, a mecca for interior design and ambience is celebrated for its incredible ability to inspire creativity and a fun expression of self. The vibrant energy along with the alluring visions, scents, and tastes will all astound you! We’ve put together an itinerary that reflects all the soulful and beautiful aspects of this area of Morocco and know you will LOVE it.

MichelleYour host on this retreat is Michelle Lee.  Michelle has led a successful 13 year career in the corporate world as a sales manager before transitioning her career into a life & personal coach, retreat organizer & leader and internationally certified yoga instructor.  She holds an MBA in Finance from USC, an MA in Spiritual Psychology from University of Santa Monica, and became a certified yoga instructor in Florence, Italy. She lives part of the year in Florence, part in Los Angeles, and part wherever her heart takes her.

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