Warm Summer Greetings!

Summer is upon us, and while the air is warming, so is the challenge of dealing with the frenetic energy here in the States. I find myself having to limit my daily news and media intake as a result. It can feel like a constant barrage of shocking revelations designed...

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10 Pitfalls of Spirituality by Mariana Caplan

I’m sharing this and consider it an incredibly useful opportunity to demonstrate the pitfalls of spiritual ego. So many of us follow a path of spirituality or consciousness, and that path has shadow every step of the way. The ego being a thief, it gladly usurps an epiphany, a deepening, an experience, to make it its own. I found this piece a wonderful way to discover where I may be missing the mark inside. I’m curious for your feedback. #7 hit home for me 😉 don’t be shy, we all still shit stinky.

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Pearls of Spirit

We are asked by Spirit to be things. We are asked by Spirit to be in pain, to suffer, to move through whatever obstacles are present in our consciousness, in our body, in our path towards becoming and doing. This is not a mistake. It is our destiny, and the more we fight it, the more we fight with Spirit. We break our own will in two, lose connection to the rhythm of the universe-

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What is invocation?

Invoking Spirit and the Angels is an essential part of life. We all need protection, guidance, and connection to the fullness of our authenticity invisible and visible. We need trust, faith, confidence, humility, hope, and healing to make it through what can feel like a treacherous ride in life at times. The more you pray, the more you ask for help, the more you shall receive. It’s that simple. You could never

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Invocation Prayer

I now invoke the Angels & Archangels, Benevolent Spirit Guides, my Guardian Angels to be present with me just now. I ask the Seraphim, the Ophanim, and the Cherubim to place a Golden Light Merkabah around myself, this room, this home, and this building. Please...

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